Invader League Season 2- Reviewing the List Which Took Me to the Finals

Veers/Boba is an Imperial list archetype that has seen its rise during season 2 of Invader League.  In fact, all but three of the Empire players to make it to the Elimination round, took Veers/Boba.  So eight out of eleven lists.  Obviously many saw the potential Boba Fett brings to the table!  Today, I’m going to share the thought and planning that went into the list I took into the single elimination round of Invader League season 2.

During the several list variations I made prior to turning in my elimination round list, I nicknamed this list, Episode V in the squad builder app. This is my nickname for it.  I thought of Episode V because its the only movie we see Veers and Fett makes is introduction. I didn’t think much of the name at the time, but since the list performed so well for me, the name will stick.   I would love to hear what nicknames you’ve come up with for your Veers/Boba lists.  Or, let me know if you think Boba/Veers is the ultimate name for the list.

Unfortunately, it went down in the Invader League books, that my list name was ‘Scooby Doo and Vader too’.  When signing up for Invader League, I was under the impression that it was one list for all of round robin and elimination round, and I planned to run Vader/Boba for the tournament. Oh well… Guess it’ll be forever an identity crisis.  Without out further adieu, lets get to the list…

Episode V (799 points)

General Veers 80
Snowtroopers 48 – Flametrooper, Imperial Officer Upgrade, Impact Grenades,
Stormtroopers 44 – DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer Upgrade,
Stormtroopers 44 – DLT-19 Stormtrooper,
Stormtroopers 44 – DLT-19 Stormtrooper,
Stormtroopers 44 -DLT-19 Stormtrooper,
Boba Fett 140 – Hunter
Imperial Royal Guards 75 – Electrostaff Guard,
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) 16 – DLT-19x Sniper,
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) 16 – DLT-19x Sniper,

My aim was to create an all comers list, with an answer for everything and weakness to none.  At the core of the list are the three units I built it up around, General Veers, Boba Fett, and the Imperial Royal Guard.  These were the three components unbending.

General Maximilian ‘Crit Machine’ Veers.. 

This guy’s story is impressive, seriously if you need a quick read, check out his wookiepedia page. Technically, he’s not replaceable in the list because you are required to take a commander and he is the cheapest commander the empire has.  I wouldn’t touch the generic officer when for 30 more points you can get two good command cards and a better defense die.  If Boba was as commander unit, I would have considered dropping Veers though I’m not so sure I actually would have.  Veers’ one pip and three pip command cards can be powerful if you make good use of them.  In all my games (except the final match), maximum firepower was used to put damage on one of my opponent’s key unit or remove an activation (sniper) from my opponent.  During set up, if my opponents placed their units carefully to avoid Maximum Firepower, I would look for possible positions I could double move into, to get a clear shot off.   Imperial Discipline is clutch for removing suppression.  Especially when you need to make that very important objective move, or to recover from Vader’s Master of Evil command card.

The Crit Machine: Though this roll is unlikely, it showed up in my semi-final match. I was never afraid to get Veers in the action.

Boba Fett..

This guy is a swiss army knife, for real.   I was going into a single elimination round, unsure of what my opponents would be bringing in their lists.  I felt bringing Boba was a safe bet.  Impact damage?  Check.  Counter to trooper spam? Check.  Able to get away from Luke or other melee units? Check.  I figured speed three with jump would be nice, especially given how dense with buildings the invader league maps are.   In most matches, I was able to use his command cards to great effect.

Imperial Royal Guard..

I expected a lot of rebel players to bring Luke Skywalker.  Luke is like a sword, and the guard are a shield.  The guards are zone control pieces, creating a roughly 12 inch radius which an opponent needs to take into account before charging anything into the guards reach, including Skywalker.  The guardian 2 they bring is a perk, but ultimately I brought them for the pierce immunity in melee they bring to the table. I wasn’t thinking of IRG as a offensive unit, but rather a defensive one. I knew if I was playing against a Luke, or Vader, I didn’t have to charge the IRG in, as my opponent would have to charge into me if they would want to get the worth out of the investment of a force user.   I would have liked Tenacity attached to these guys, unfortunately, the points weren’t there to work with.


The Rest of the List

Rounding out the list is the bread and butter of any list, troopers.  Four stormtroopers, all with DLTs and one with an Imperial Officer Upgrade, gives the list a backbone and plenty of ranged fire power.  The Imperial Officer Upgrade received some flak early, but towards the end I believe some were seeing the value of it.  I lost count the number of times someone mistook the unit for Snowtroopers with an officer.  I really hate losing an action due to suppression, and with inspire, one officer upgrade for twenty points may be just enough to guarantee two squads of storms get both their actions.

I like one Snowtrooper unit rather than two.  Never during a match did I think, “Dang, I wish I had another Snowtrooper squad!”   I would however, have missed not having at least one unit of snows under my tool belt. In each match, I identified LOS blocking terrain I wanted to get the snowtroopers to, and decided on a path of how to get them there taking little damage as possible.  Once in position, my usual goal was to play them defensively, using ‘peek-a-boo’ shots.  There were at least two matches where they never once made a range one shot, and that was okay. The pressure they applied and the zone they controlled did enough for the circumstances.  I was really glad I brought the imperial officer upgrade.  I don’t think there was ever a time an action was lost due to suppression.  It also allowed them to be more autonomous, by going out further away from Veers.

Two snipers were effective, cheap 44 point activations.  They didn’t carry the games but they were also never an inefficient for their points.  Taking two allowed me to hit my goal of 10, quality activations.  I believe every list in the single eliminations had snipers, at least, every list I played against did.  So in general, the snipers shot at my opponents snipers for the first couple of rounds in most matches.

In all there is very little, “fluff”, in the list. While I didn’t have the points to get the luxury upgrades such as, Emergency Stims on Boba Fett, or tenacity on the IRG, no unit in my list suffered in quality by leaving the heavy weapons at home.  There were times I really wished I had environmental gear on the IRG.  There were also times I wish certain units had grappling hooks.  All in all however, these optional upgrades would have gathered dust in most matches.

1 Point Bid

Someone out there is always going to outbid you

Yes, I knowingly took a 1 point bid list, securing the position of the highest point list in the single elims.  I had a thought process that landed me at taking a no bid list.  The legion community seemed to be noticing the value of key positions as blue player.  I predicted list bids were be increasing and that most everyone would be putting in a decent attempt at a bid.

I didn’t like the sacrifices I’d have to make in my list to get in a decent bid. Even if I took a 10-15 point bid, I couldn’t guarantee that would be enough to be blue every time.  I couldn’t stand the idea of dropping 15 points off my list, then getting out bid by a some guy who bid 1 point higher.

The way I see it, Legion is a dice game, and you’re always trying to improve your position for better odds.   There is a 25% of key positions coming up in the third slot, and a 75% it won’t be there.  I’ll play on that 75% and keep the extra points.  I like those odds.  It worked out for me in the single elims, up until the final match.  Even though Key position showed up in the third slot in the final match, it was a winnable game for me which was lost to poor decisions.  In the future I will still continue to take 799 or 800 point lists.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading a review of my Episode V list.  I’ve grown quite fond of this list, as I have found the more I play with Boba Fett and Veers, the more fun I have. It’ll be exciting to see how this list performs on the real tabletop, once the imperial officer upgrades and IRG release!   This is definitely a list I will consider taking to Adepticon in March.

In the next few days, I will be posting a recap of each match, with lessons learned and what did and didn’t work.

Thanks for reading!

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