Invader League Battle Report – Part 2, The Semi-Final

Welcome back to part two of my battle report from the Invader League season 2 elimination round.   This time, I will be covering my semi-final matches.  Lets get right to it, there’s a lot I can say about these last two matches.

Game 4 vs. R1H4

Map: Kashykk
Objective: Recover the Supplies
Deployment: Battle Lines
Condition: Clear Conditions

‘Royal Guard Your Heart’ 796 points

Emperor Palpatine 210 – Force Reflexes, Force Push, Anger, Esteemed Leader
Stormtroopers 44 – DLT-19 Stormtrooper
Stormtroopers 44 – DLT-19 Stormtrooper
Snowtroopers 48 – Flametrooper, Imperial Officer Upgrade
Snowtroopers 48 – Flametrooper, Imperial Officer Upgrade
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) 16 – DLT-19x Sniper
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) 16 – DLT-19x Sniper
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) 16 – DLT-19x Sniper
Imperial Royal Guards 75 Electrostaff Guard, Tenacity, Environmental Gear


This semi-finals match was sort of a rematch, as R1 and I came from the same round robin group.  He beat me in our first match, but I was determined to beat him this time.

R1 had come to semi finals with the Emperor himself.  Looking at his list, I knew I had the ranged fire power advantage.  He had one sniper more, but I was up three DLT’s, a Boba, and a Veers.  The random map was Kashykk, a decently open map, good for some ranged shooting.  R1 was only able to use Palp’s one pip as per tournament rules, so as far as command cards go, the only one I had to play around was the death blossom.

Set Up

I was very happy with how set up turned out.  I felt like recover supplies would be fair and battle lines would help me flank around R1’s forces.  R1’s placed his first crate on the far right side of the battlefield, behind a rock.  This was a significant placement as it told me he was either A) committing to that side of the battle field and will play for his two supplies and one of mine or B) going to spread wide by placing his second objective closer to middle objective, with bulk of force going for middle and a few units going for the far side objective.

I wanted possibility A, so to make it look more appealing, I placed my first objective on the other side of the rock, as close to my deployment line as I could.  R1 placed his second objective range 1 from deployment and range 2 from his first objective placement.  From my point of view, I had him right where I wanted him.  I placed my second objective far far away, half way between the center objective and the other edge of the battlefield.

Turn 0 Win

R1’s placements at set up was actually very well done for a Palp list. Being that Palp wants to stay near his forces to make use of IRG guardian and esteemed leader.  By focusing in on just 1/4 of the map, he would be able to make a strong, condensed push of snows, IRG, and Palp into my forces.

He placed the entirety of his army near his objectives, poised to strike at my objective.  I placed my forces a little more spread, but mostly I set up across from him.  I put one strike team on the far side of the map, to get my out of the way objective.  Cherry on the cake was that Palp was placed in the open, with no cover and in LOS.

It may have looked like I played right into R1’s plan, but I had a plan of my own.  I planned to have Boba pick up my close objective turn one, and following turns, he and my army would tuck tail and run. I wanted to avoid getting tied up with R1’s units.

Critical Firepower and Fatal Mistakes

After turn 0, I felt like I had a huge advantage in the match.  Things only got better after Veer’s maximum firepower attack. Palp’s one pip gets weaker with each wound he loses prior to using it, so he was the obvious target for MF.  Palp was in the open but had IRG and esteemed leader, so I needed crits.  I took aim, used spotter, and unleashed maximum firepower.  Any non-crits were re-rolled, and each time got more.  I came out with three crits and one hit.  One snow trooper died for his Emperor, who then had to roll three defense dice of his own.  I took a deep breath, and watched R1 fail all three saves…

Maximum fire power was value town.  Things looked great going after the MF but then started my near fatal mistakes…  I drew Boba pretty early in the round, moved him up and picked up the objective.  He took a lot of shots, it felt like the entirety of R1’s forces shot at him.  My mistake was, not realizing my guard were actually at range 1 and could have soaked hits using guardian.  For some reason, I thought I moved out of range 1 of the IRG and didn’t realize they were in range until the near end of round.  Boba ended the round with a lot of wounds, three I believe. Wounds that could have been avoided.  The mistake snowballed when I didn’t move my IRG ahead of Boba to wrap him up to keep R1’s IRG from engaging Boba.  I had planned to do so but when the IRG were finally pulled, I forgot my own planning.  Lesson I took here, make sure you’re always measuring and double checking important ranges.

Turn two Boba used whip cord, to get away from the IRG.  He had a ton of suppression, and he failed to remove enough suppression to get both actions, so no double move. Boba moved less than his full range to stay in heavy cover.   The battle just turned into a struggle for the objective.  I still had an advantage as Boba had hold of the contested objective, with the middle and far side objective not being contested by R1.  He was all in for Boba’s objective.

R1 used Palp’s pull the strings quite effectively to stick to Boba like white on rice.  I made a mistake with Boba’s positioning turn 3 and he was killed.  The struggle to maintain control of the box continued till the end of the game but ultimately, I was able to pull it off by making sure two units were always in contact with the objective.

Palp, being maimed early, remained behind the rock on the edge of the battlefield and used pull the strings to great effect.  I avoided the head on with R1’s snowtroopers, I believe he got only one flame attack.

Since R1 didn’t contest the center objective, I had map control of the center of the board.  This allowed my unit of storms with the imperial officer, to push up and flank R1’s forces in the mid-late game, putting pressure on his back.

R1 never did get his close objectives picked up, though he would have been able to at the end of the game.   To have a shot at winning, he needed his IRG to be free from melee, but they weren’t able to break away from the stormtrooper fodder.

Wrap Up

Though I felt like I had the game won after the maximum firepower, it was a very close match all in all.   Turn 0 is important in every match but in this one it defined the battle.  It was clear R1 put thought into his deployment just as I did.  He confirmed after the match his game plan was to contest the objective I placed on his side of the battlefield and he had no intention to go for the center objective.

Rematch complete, next up, the season 1 champ, Kingsley.

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