Invader League Elimination Round Conclusion- Part 3, The Final Match

Final Match, Game 5 vs Kingsley

Map: Jedha Town Square
Objective: Key Positions
Deployment: Long March
Condition: Rapid Reinforcements

‘Still Playing Rebels, I Guess’ 783 points

Luke Skywalker 160 – Force Push, Emergency Stims
Leia Organa 90
Rebel Troopers 40 – Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Impact Grenades
Rebel Troopers 40 – Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Impact Grenades
Rebel Troopers 40 – Z-6 Trooper
Rebel Troopers 40
Rebel Troopers 40 – Z-6 Trooper
Rebel Troopers 40 – Z-6 Trooper
Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16 – DH-447 Sniper, Grappling Hooks
Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16 – DH-447 Sniper
Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16 – DH-447 Sniper

Who Wants A Piece of the Champ?

Going into the finals match against Kingsley, the season 1 champ, I knew it would be a tough match.  My Starcraft II days taught me winning isn’t so much about who made better plays, but rather, who made fewer mistakes.  Kingsley obviously is a player who makes few or no mistakes.

While defining the battlefield, the worse possible objective for me (being the red player) came up, Key Positions.  This match was prior to FFG’s rules reference update which balanced out the objective.  Through out the entirety of Invader League, blue player won KP in every match.   Taking a 799 point list was a gamble from the start and it caught up to me in the final match.

Making the best of a bad situation, I looked at the battlefield and saw that by choosing Long March deployment, I would cut off a lot of ‘obvious’ terrain pieces for Kinglsey to place the objective on.  The condition was rapid reinforcement, Kingsley put nothing back and I put snows back, figuring they wouldn’t contribute much for the first two turns anyways as it was Long March.

Kinglsey’s objective placement was as a hologram near his deployment and the height 1 stairs/walkway, closer to him.  The walkway placement was closer to the center of the map, however, it still largely favored Kingsley.  In my line of work we call doorways and hallways a ‘fatal funnel’.   To get to the objective, I had to funnel in through the open center alleyway of the map, or funnel in between two buildings.  Committing to the push, I placed my objective in the open alleyway, on the only piece of cover present for the push.

Maximum Failpower

Kingsley played a solid game, and my mistakes started early.  I had placed Veers in a position where he could double move and fire maximum firepower at Luke.  Greed took over me and I thought I could double move and use MF on Leia, whom the bounty was placed on.  I mis-measured the move and was forced to fire MF at rebel troopers.  Ouch.

By the end of turn 1, Kingsley had moved a majority of his units close enough to the key positions that he would not need to make and major movements again for the match.  He moved one trooper unit around with Leia on the other side of the field.

In round 2 a mistake made that would snowball into a bigger problem, was mis-managing my IRG cohesion.   I left only the leader and electrostaff guard in the fire lane where Leia would use her one pip.   She put one wound through which had to be placed on the electrostaff guard.  This hurt later in the match, when the IRG were engaged with Luke, as he was able to do away with their pierce immunity with his first attack.

On turn 2 Kingsley charged Luke in and he hit like a wrecking ball, with a good roll he wiped out my unit of storms with the officer. I had shots to follow up with, and the IRG engaged Luke in melee, putting through a good bit of damage.

Fatal Mistake

Going into turn three, son of skywalker was the obvious pick for Kingsley.  My only one pip was Boba’s whipcord. If Luke was allowed to go first, I pictured him force pushing the IRG off of him, charging into a healthy storm unit nearby, killing it, and then shooting his pistol at my snipers who would have no cover.

I had the chance to use Boba’s rocket command card to go for the finishing blow on Leia.  Though I didn’t like this play however as, I placed my objective in the center of the battlefield.  I had committed to the push and had to follow through with it.

Whipcord was played. The choice was to either draw from the command stack, hope for the IRG pull, and hope to finish Luke off, or to double move Boba to whipcord Luke.  I didn’t like the first choice as there was the possibility of not pulling IRG token and Luke had E-Stims so I needed four damage to go through on him.  I chose to double move and whipcord Luke in place.

What I missed however, was that Luke would be able to force push Boba out into the open where all of Kingsley’s forces could shoot at him.  I bought my own casket.

Wrap Up

Boba was taken off the table turn 3, and my fate was sealed.  Kingsley continued to play a solid game and I conceded at the end of turn 4.  I had lost too much of my army to make a push into Kingsley’s forces.

You can Monday morning quarterback a game all day, but you’ll never really know if a different decision would have changed the outcome of a match.   However, if I could go back in time, I would have placed my objective on my side of the field, in a safe location.  I would have committed to getting Boba’s bounty off Leia and hoped to win on points.  I suspect however, if I had gone for this win condition, Kingsley would have recognized it and held Leia back behind a building.

Ultimately, playing into Key Positions, I needed to play a perfect game, and I did not.  Kingsley played very well and was a very sportsmanlike opponent.  Maybe season 3 someone will throw him off the champion’s throne.

The mistake of I made with the IRG’s cohesion was recoverable. However, double moving Boba into a position where he could be forced pushed into the open, is like playing chess, and not seeing that space you just moved your queen onto can be taken by a knight.  A person learns more from losses, or at least I do, and I hope that you the reader, learn from my mistakes.

I couldn’t be happier after season 2.  I did the best I could and went to the finals, I met some really great people, and most importantly, I had fun.

Next Time…

This concludes my Invader League battle report.  It was a lot to get out in a week’s time, but that’s what I get for waiting until the league concluded to play catch up.  Next time, I’ll be opening up the Empire handbook as we search for new ways to motivate them.

Thanks for reading!

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