Occupier Combat Assault Tank Announced Today!

Fantasy Flight just announced two heavy expansions coming later in the year to Star Wars Legion! The occupier combat assault tank for the Imperials and X-34 landspeeder for the rebels. Though not information on the specialists pack, I’m very excited to see new heavy options come to the game. Today, I wanted to share my initial thoughts about the Empire’s addition.

The news of this tank has me very excited! Cheaper armor options are needed to change up the game. It may open up a new tactic/style of game play altogether, and it it will effect how much impact you are putting in your list during list building. Will you be able to deal with two armored tanks coming at you? Or, will you ignore them completely as so many have done for the AT-ST?

Your Attacks are like Ping Pong Balls

My first reaction was to the raw attrition the tank has for the point cost. At base, it is 155 points! For that you get 8 wounds, with a red defense die, and behind the armor keyword. This will make it extremely difficult to destroy unless people start bringing more impact into their lists.

You can only take 2 heavies, and two tanks will cost at minimum of 310. Add in the armored division General Veers for 80 and You could be looking at having 400 points left for the rest. Compare these tanks to the AT-ST. The AT-ST has 12 wounds, 16 effective wounds after white defense save. The tank will have 16 effective wounds as well after red defense save. Offensively, the AT-ST will have better ranged 1-4 fire power. 2w2b2r vs the tank’s 2r2b. At ranged 1-2, an AT-ST with grenade launcher still out shoots the tank, with more dice and the blast key word. There’s several trooper weapon upgrades yet to be revealed for the tank. Regardless of what fire power the add ons bring, the firepower isn’t so much what excites me. Its the Blitzkrieg tactic it opens up.

Blitzkrieg Tactics

A blitzkrieg tactic would be one of spearheading a swift offense with armor. These tanks will have a speed of 1 which may sound slow, but looking at the model, its a new unique kind of base will make up for the 1 speed. A speed 1 move is about 4 inches. An AT-ST base is 3.9 inches. Judging from the images on the preview, I’d estimate this tanks base is at least 3.9 inches long, if not a little over. This means that one speed move, moves you forward roughly 8 inches, 2 inches further than a storm unit move.

Other rules for vehicles tell us that ground vehicles can obscure line of sight, and will provide cover. According to page nine of the reference, the treaded tank should provide heavy cover. Ground vehicles also can freely move through troopers, displacing them. Troopers however, can not move through tanks.

I’m getting to the point.

What this means, is for as cheap as 155 points, the empire will have a very durable unit to double move outward to the contested objectives. Two tanks with use of terrain could cut your opponent off from that supply box, from easily moving towards your vaporators or etc. And once they are in a position to block your opponent, the fire power they dish out is nothing to scoff at. I’ve seen this tactic of blocking lanes with the AT-ST brought up a time or two, unfortunately, the AT-ST is just too expensive to use solely as a blocking piece.

An armored front also gives your storms a safety as they press forward. So again, the tanks move two inches further than storms. So it’s very possible for tanks to move forward, shoot. And then storms to shoot/move or move/shoot and fall in behind the tanks for heavy cover. Just one tank in a list, brings to the Empire’s side of the table, a movable heavy cover.

Looking to the Future

As I said, this announcement today really got me excited and I wanted to share my initial thoughts. I think this is the kind of unit that will open a new archetype for imperial lists, and change list building as we know it. The rebels also got a new toy announced, a quick land speeder. Comparing the two, and keeping pathfinders in mind, I believe the identities of rebels and imperials have been cemented more so.

The rebel path finders will be able to break deployment rules with infiltrate. Their new speeder unit will quickly be able to get to where it needs to be.

Where as the future of the Empire seems to be one of making a strong march forward, crushing any rebel that stands in the way. Whether it be pushing forward hard and fast with tanks, or being compelled by Krennic to move forward, into the enemy’s fire.

Let me know what you think about this announcement in the comments below! Or reach out to me on the Star Wars Legion Discord! Thanks for reading!

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