Boba Fett: Strategy Guide

Greetings commanders, and welcome back, to another chapter of ‘New Ways to Motivate Them’! After some time apart, we jump back into imperial discussion. This week, we are looking at my favorite piece in the game of Star Wars Legion, Boba Fett.

We’ll be analyzing the hired bounty hunter, Boba Fett, looking at his role on the battlefield and at different tactics he can employ.  

The Unit Card

The first things to jump out are…

Speed 3 + small base = approx. 8 inches (or 1/3 range past range 1)

Jump 2 – A unit that has the jump x keyword can perform the jump x card action. To perform this action, the unit performs a move as normal. The unit can pass over or end its movement on top of terrain. If that terrain is height x or lower, measured from the unit’s starting position.

Courage 3 – At 3 suppression, you have 71% chance clear 1 suppression. At four suppression, you have a 41% (almost a coin flip) to clear 2 suppression.   This means you’re likely to get both actions every turn, unless your opponent has laid it on thick.

Bounty – After setup, place a victory token on an enemy commander or operative. If you defeat a unit with a victory token, move that token to you. At the end of the game, if you have a victory token, gain that token.

These things together make him the most mobile trooper in the game and extremely efficient playing towards the objective point victory.

Worth it?

Boba costs 140 points. This feels cheap to me as I’ve been trained to expect the coolest imperial toys to cost 200+ points. Some might look at his cost as actually being over 200 as you have to take a commander (Veers) with him. This isn’t a fair thing for Boba however, as Veers brings enough to the table to get value from the 80 points he costs, easy.

The five wounds go a long way with a red defense die with surge to block. if the dice roll average, Boba has 15 wounds. Red defense dice can be your best friend or your backstabbing ex, as always, the best defense die is no die.

Pierce is a thing. Boba is not pierce immune, but he is impervious! The impervious keyword adds to Boba’s resilience, giving him a chance to mitigate piercing damage variance. Impervious is a good bonus to Boba’s defenses.

Offensively, Boba is very reliable. Sharpshooter 2 and pierce means you can count on Boba to put the damage through where and when you need it.

He has arsenal 2 and two different ranged weapons. One is range 1-2 with impact 1, other range 1-3 with pierce 1.The overlap of range 2 is his sweet spot, where he can roll 4 black dice, surge to crit, into a target and take advantage of pierce 1 and impact 1. This damage isn’t going to melt a troop unit off in one turn, but, the 2-3 damage you can put through at range two comes reliably.

With the speed, tankiness, and reliable offensive fire power Boba brings for 140 points, he is easily worth the points.

Role in the Army

I don’t consider Boba a glass cannon. His damaged is capped with the 4 black dice at range 2. The red defense die can make him feel incredibly tanky so he’s definitely not glass.

Boba isn’t a bruiser. Boba’s melee attack is only 2 red dice. If he gets into the middle of a fray, he’s likely to get pummeled by IRG, wookies or even storm troopers.

I’d define his role as a skirmisher and play maker. His kit makes him a very strong piece to play on the edge of the board, away from the rest of your army. His speed and jump combined allow him to sprint to an objective and sweep victory points under your opponent’s nose. This could look like many things such as..

  • Any objective- Sniping the bounty piece
  • Recover Supplies- Running to the middle box, grabbing and flying away. Or later in the game, jumping in and flaming the trooper squad carrying an objective.
  • Sabotage – jumping onto an objective your opponent left, and undoing your opponents work
  • Breakthrough – Boba’s double move is just short of range 3. Get in the end zone.

Boba is a strong solo flanking unit. Of course, being on a flank naturally means its harder for your opponent to focus fire Boba down. Just by playing him on a flank, you extend his life expectancy. You might support him with other units that have courage 2 or greater. Such as scouts, and officer storms or snows.

If you are playing Boba on the flank, you’re goal isn’t to simply kill opposing forces, rather, you should be looking at how you can pressure your opponent on an objective. It should threaten your opponent that Boba can swoop in at the last minute on turn 6, and change the VP status.

Boba has the tools to do amazing things, and much of his tool kit is in his command cards.

Command Cards

Three pip: Z-6 Jet Pack Rocket

Important to note is that all of Boba’s command cards give an order only to him. He’s a solo operative after all. His three pip, jet pack rocket, gives Boba a range 3-4 weapon, rolling 3 red dice and with impact 3. The turn you play this card, changes Boba’s sweet spot from range 2 to range 3. At this range, you will be rolling 3 red and 2 black dice with pierce 1, and impact 3. Solid.

The rocket shines most when you can make the attack with an aim token. If you’re in a strong/safe position, then you might aim and shoot. When you need to move and shoot, you should set yourself up to get an aim token from Veers’ spotter action prior to moving and shooting the rocket. If you have hunter upgrade equipped, attacking a wounded target is a good choice.

This is a very powerful attack. While you don’t want to waste the command card by not making a rocket attack, it may not be worth it to put Boba in a risky position for the attack.

Two Pip: ZX Flame Projector

The two pip card strikes fear into you opponent. It makes the sweet spot for an attack range 1. This gets you 1 red die per mini you’re attacking, plus the 2 black dice with pierce 1. The flame projector can be used in melee in combination with a melee attack.

Flamethrower is the command card that will most likely lead you to put Boba in a risky position. Beware the Boba rage.

If you’re set on making that big flame attack, try to get Boba in close the turn before, as one of the last activation. Then, flame and jump away first the next turn.

If jumping in for a flame attack would put you under a lot of fire, there’s value in holding onto Boba till the end of the turn, assuming he’s in a safe position. Your opponent may move away units away and out of Boba’s threat range to avoid the flame attack. You could use this to your advantage to push opposing pieces back, out of cover perhaps.

The threat range of the flame attack is 14 inches or, just short of range 2. This coupled with Boba’s jump ability, means he can hide behind a wall or around a corner and really put pressure on the opponent. If you don’t actually get the flame attack off, don’t sweat it. Keeping Boba alive and well is higher priority than that all in attack.

The expected damage output is slightly higher if you use the 2 black dice with pierce 1 rather than the melee attack with the flame attack.

One Pip: Whipcord Launcher

Imperial Royal Guard and Wookies may be charging at Boba in efforts to tie him up in engagement and beat him up. Fear not! The one pip can bail you out of almost certain death as it allows yo u to move freely out of melee engagement.

**Note – You can move out of melee engagement freely, even if the unit Boba is engaged with is NOT whipcorded.

Whipcord launcher has many valuable uses limited only by your planning and imagination. Its important to keep in mind, the whipcord action is a free action.

A simple but effective tactic, if you can work line of sight blocking terrain, you could spend your turn moving to range one of a key unit, whipcording, and jumping out of LOS. Sure, a tactic like this means your passing a turn of attacking with Boba, but if the key unit is about to activate and move into scoring an objective, you can deny that point. Or maybe the key unit is Darth Vader ready to enter melee with your troops.

The Boba-Luke Interaction

Whipcord creates an interesting tension between Boba and Luke. Is Luke the counter to Boba, or is Boba the counter to Luke? From my experience, it can go either way. The tension comes from whipcord and Son of Skywalker, being a one pip. There’s a good chance there’ll be a showdown of the two cards at some point if Luke has his eyes on Boba.

If Boba wins the priority roll off, and goes first, Luke loses out on making two melee attacks in the turn. Ouch. Neuter the SOS command card and watch your opponent be mentally anguished. Keep in mind Luke can still make two ranged attacks however.

If Luke goes first, he might double move, and charge Boba. Cross your fingers and hope you survive the attack. If Boba is at full health, on average you should survive the double attack.

If you do survive, take joy in the small victory that you can whipcord Luke, and move away. This will leave Luke to sit in his place until the end of his activation the next turn due to immobilized tokens. Now, hopefully Luke is in the open. You can take advantage of his immobility to surround him and shoot him, or move everything further away from him to give him no charge targets the next turn as well.

A rebel player may see the 1 pip roll off coming and opt to play a different command card instead. The reason being, they don’t wish to risk losing the powerful double melee attack of SOS to a 50/50 roll off. It’ll depend on the Rebel player individually, if they go all in or play conservatively.

It’s very possible Luke and Boba will never meet during the battle. Especially if they are deployed far apart. As a Boba player facing Luke, at the start of the game you should consider how you want to handle Luke. Does Boba ignore him, or confront him?


The bounty keyword is unique to Boba currently. As soon as Boba hits the table, there is pressure on your opponent, knowing you have a way to generate a victory token into the game.

Importantly, to claim the bounty, it has to be Boba Fett who makes the kill. This sometimes means you will have to set Boba up in a position to make the final attack on the target.

You don’t place the bounty on a target until after turn 0 set up, which is good. You’ll get time to make consideration of the bounty target after seeing the opponent’s list, the battlefield set up, and how they deployed. When placing the bounty, consider…

How easy will it be for Boba to defeat this commander?

This could be the consideration of one commander or comparing two against each other. If you’re facing Darth Vader or Palpatine, accompanied by IRG, that’s not an easy bounty target for Boba to defeat reliably.

If you’re facing the rebel wonder twins, Luke and Leia, then you know Leia is the softer target. Rolling white die rather than red, and not being pierce immune, means Boba can kill her reliably with a big rocket attack.

After you’ve considered how difficult the bounty will be for Boba to claim, consider…

Should I play for the bounty, or use it for pressure only?

When choosing a bounty target, consider how it will effect your opponents use of the units. Placing bounty on Luke, or Vader, may make your opponent much more hesitant on running into your forces like wrecking ball.

Leia wants to be range 1 of her friendly troops to hand out dodge tokens, and range two to shoot. If you place the bounty on her, it may force your opponent to hold her back and hide her, denying the support she brings.

Who else remembers this?

Don’t feel obligated to hunt a bounty target. Its not necessary to get the bounty to win the game. The pressure it puts on your opponent however, is worth is from the very start of the game. Don’t get too committed to your turn 0 plans and be ready to adapt on the fly to what your opponent does.


Hunter is an upgrade I’d highly recommend. Boba has nothing built in which increases his action economy. He also often wants to be shooting on the move. Hunter for six points can quickly get its value back in one or two vital attacks against multi-wound characters or units. It makes it much easier and safer to go after a bounty target, as you could move and shoot, getting a free aim. Sniper strike teams are handy for putting a wound through on the bounty target early, allowing Boba to be more efficient.

Duck and cover can give Boba a suppression to get light cover anywhere during an attack. 8 points is a lot to add on to Boba, when he doesn’t have low profile to synergize with the upgrade and his save is already great. Usually if Boba is attacked once, he’ll likely be attacked multiple times on the same turn and have a stack of suppression which lasts from turn to turn. Can’t recommend this upgrade on Boba, however, maybe you play on tables with a very thin amount of terrain or lots of light cover. You may want duck and cover to reliably increase your cover.

Tenacity gives Boba another red dice in melee when he is wounded. Boba doesn’t shine in melee, and won’t, even with this upgrade equipped. Whipcord gets you out of melee engagement for a reason.


Grappling Hooks seems silly to waste time climbing or clambering with a unit that has jump 2. Pass.

Emergency Stims is a good upgrade for Boba Fett. While not necessary, it does allow you to play Boba a bit more aggressively. If it is turn 6, E-stims is practically two additional health. The dream is to run in and get a VP point on turn 6, and watch your opponent try to kill Boba through this bonus health. You’ll get value if Boba takes critical wounds and lives onto the next turn to use one of his command cards in an impactful way.

Targeting Scopes… No. Well with hunter equipped, you’re likely to have aim tokens spent through out the game. Targeting scopes is a pricey 6 points however and Boba rolls well enough without.

Environmental Gear for three points actually isn’t bad. It’s value will depend on the type of terrain set up you usually play with. On a turn you want to double move, it may allow you to save your jump for going over a wall or onto a roof, rather than using the jump to move through that river. Most likely a niche-luxury upgrade.

Recon intel is good. Boba wants to play the flank, and placing him out on the flank with a free speed 1 move at the start of the game is nice. All for 2 points. Not necessary, but if you have 2 points to spare during list building, Boba could use the intel.

Veers List with Boba? Or, Boba with Veers?

Whether you start the list building with Boba or add him later, you’ve got to have a commander. Veers is the budget option, coming in as low as 220 points. As far as I can tell, this is the easiest and most straight forward Boba list. Veers supports the troops with aim tokens, inspire and a courage bubble. Boba can work outside of Veers’ courage bubble, on the flank and pressure objectives. It’s a nice base for a list and leaves plenty of points for corp.

Pairing Boba with Vader or Palpatine will come in the mid 300’s. Boba would compliment either nicely, however, it leaves the rest of your list thin. While Vader makes his march down the middle to the objective, Boba can pressure a different objective in the back field. The goal would be to split your opponents attention so your two key pieces can do work. Let me know what commander you like to use with Boba Fett in the comments below or on the discord!


  • Boba is the most mobile trooper in the game currently. Make use of it.
  • Don’t tunnel vision into a plan. Be ready to adapt and change Boba’s direction to counter your opponent’s tactics or to apply pressure.
  • The bounty keyword will apply pressure from the start of the match. Consider how you can take advantage of the pressure it applies.
  • Boba’s command cards are each provide opportunity for powerful play. Be creative with whipcord!

Thanks for reading!

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