Adepticon Report

Greetings and welcome back! Today I’m sharing my report from the two days of Legion I enjoyed at Adepticon. I had never taken part in any major table top gaming tournaments and I was quite nervous going into it. I’m very glad I made the commitment to go to Adepticon as it was awesome meeting so many people I know from the Legion discord. I did not get one of the 8 worlds invites, but I consider the weekend a success as I had fun and I achieved the three goals I set for myself.

Three Goals for the Weekend

  • Win an invite on Friday to play Saturday
    Friday I placed 8th of 63, going 3-1. Which was enough to get an invite for Saturday. Making it to worlds wasn’t really my goal. It’d been sweet to get in that top 8 on Saturday. But really, it was more so if I’m traveling to play Legion, I wanted to play both days.
  • To not be tilted or blame games on dice

In the last month or so, I had been getting hung up on those bad and crazy dice rolls. I never had issues with dice tilt until post Yavin Base Team League. It was dragging my play down. Anyone who has ever been tilted during a match knows you start to make bad tactical choices when that tilt sets in.

My friend Nerfley gave me some great advice about dice a week or so before Adepticon. He said, “Sometimes shit happens. Learn from it what you can, discard what you can’t learn from, and get ready to play again. That mindset is how you fight tilt in a tournament.”

Keeping that mindset helped me to have fun, even when I lost, and helped me analyze my losses in a way to learn from them. I blame my losses on errors I made, rather than the dice.

  • To meet friends and to have fun

At the end of the day, we play games to have fun. I kept that in mind through out the days. Part of the fun was meeting new people. Some I knew by their user tags on discord. The three of us that made up the team, ‘An Entire Legion’ for the Yavin Base Team League met up and got a picture!

Everyone I played were great opponents. The people of the Legion community are great!

R1H4, Screwtape, and myself. We made up the team An Entire Legion for the Yavin Base Team League.
Myself, Nerfley and Screwtape

The Games

Enough about all that, Lets get to the games! Forewarning, of the 8 games I played over the weekend, 7 were Empire V. Empire, and six of those were Veers Boba.

Game 1

Opponent: Robert Hensell (Empire)
Objective: Sabotage Moisture Vaps
Deployment: Battle Lines
Condition: Clear Conditions

Robert was running close to the standard Veers Boba IRG list I’ve ran for some time. Instead of four storms, one having an officer leader, he opted to have 3 storms and an E-Webb.

After Deployment

The field was ripe for the turn 1 CF to go off. And even better, I knew his E-webb wouldn’t be able to fire onto my advancing corp until round 2. Vaporators were placed far apart on opposite sides of the field. He placed one unit of storms and a sniper on the side of the field I placed my vaps. A smart move as I planned to use my lone snipers to do the objectives through out the game. Because of placing a storm unit near my vaps, I placed a storm unit to answer, which took one storm unit out of the turn 1 CF chain.

Turn 1 CF got the game snowballing for me, and my IRG were able to tie his boba up into melee shutting him down early. I was able to beat his corp up turn one and take very few casualties in return. He did get his vaps completed and game was a victory by points.

Game 2

Opponent: James V. (Empire)
Objective: KP
Deployment: Battle lines
Condition: Clear Conditions

James was also running a Veers/Boba/IRG list. His twist was having a generic officer in addition to Veers. Being that the objective was KP, I knew bounty could be a big deal. I placed my bounty on his generic officer, and he of course placed his on mine. Turn 1 CF was a dud. The terrain was not ideal for it, and my army was split between two halves of the map. Despite this, I forced it out to put pressure on one far side of the map near his KP.

By placing 2 storms, snows, and officer on far side near his KP, the pressure forced him to place more in the corner opposite my KP and further away from the middle KP. After opening with turn 1 CF, I started to retreat. The units he deployed in the corner couldn’t make it to the center KP before the end of the game, which was turn 5 I believe.

He made a critical error moving his generic officer forward a bit from deployment, giving my Boba an opening to rocket him for the bounty on turn 2. That put a lot of pressure on James. He did what he needed to do and it was a close game in all.

Game 3

Opponent: Dustin Foran (Empire)
Objective: Recover the Supplies
Deployment: Battle Lines
Condition: Clear conditions

This game was streamed on the Fifth Trooper network! You can check them here. Dustin was playing a Veers/Boba triple sniper variant. He already had an invite to Saturday that he won from LVO so I knew he’d be a strong opponent. Luckily for me, turn 0 went perfectly and the opening CF did work.

At first I thought I would avoid the high ground at the top of the stairs. During the deployment phase, I realized I could get guys on top of the temple and with recon intel, get them forward as to be off the stairs (difficult terrain). Dustin also had some recon intel, and he moved some units forward towards mine, putting us at range 3 of each other. Because of this, the opening CF turn got 3 aims on the stack, and I was able to pummel his units challenging for my boxes and the center box. His boba was able to grab the center box, but then took fatal wounds to Estims. He double moved the center box back but it was my Boba that killed his, and I got the bounty. At that time, I just played for points as I was already ahead.

Dustin was a good opponent and it was a fun match, I look forward to seeing where he goes in the future.

Game 4

Opponent: Nick Freeman (Rebels)
Deployment: Disarray
Objective: Key positions
Condition: Clear Conditions

This game was on the sparsest map I had seen all day, and maybe the most sparse of all the tables at adepticon. I thought this would be good for me as he was rebels. I was excited to see something different on the table across from me. And even more so, Han Solo, who I had not played against in quite some time!

The calm before the shoot out

We both deployed pretty well in the open, with only a crate between us. It was a turn 1 and 2 blood bath. I thought I had him dead in the water with a turn 1 CF but… I forgot to even consider he might play Change of Plans turn 1.. Which he did.

Nick had a ton of sharpshooter and pierce in his list, which tore me apart in the open field. Chewie was the real linchpin of his list for this shoot out scenario. Because Chewie was constantly taking wounds from the troopers around him, Nick was not losing the attrition battle any time soon. By round 2 I was limping, and though Chewie had many wounds, he still was shooting at full strength, unlike my IRG.

At the end Nick’s dice were hot and mine were okay. We had a shoot out and he came out far ahead. I believe it was turn 3 that I was ‘basically’ tabled. Turn 4 it was official.

I was Freeman’s 4th victim to be tabled on Friday. I’m okay with it. When I started playing Legion, I read every blog and watched every video I could, especially the posts over at Impact X. I learned a lot from Freeman’s blog and wouldn’t have even made it as far as 3-0 without him sharing knowledge.

Conclusion of Friday

As I said, my big goal traveling to Adepticon was to play both days. I placed 8th after strength of schedule did whatever it does. I was happy with that and I got in for Saturday. To keep this from getting too long, I’ll leave the day of High Command for a different post. Thanks for reading!

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