Invader League Single Elims: A Look at the Empire Lists

Hey all and welcome back! The Invader League Season 3 single elimination round has started this week, and I thought it’d be beneficial to look at and discuss some of the more interesting lists.

There are 32 lists in all and the rebels are looking thin this season around. There are 11 rebels and 21 empire players that have made it out of round robin and into single eliminations. I’m going to focus on the empire lists. To help you dig through the lists, I’ll sort them out with other lists that are similar. We’ll look at the most interesting and unique lists first.

Popularity Contest

Veers continues to be most popular, being in 13 of the Empire lists. He is solo commander in 11/13 of those lists and in all 11 of these lists, he is accompanied by at least 1 bounty hunter.

Krennic makes a good showing, appearing in 6/21 of the empire lists. All but one of these six lists takes advantage of entourage, bringing at least one unit of Death Troopers to bring a total of 4 special forces units.

Palpatine shows up in one list with Bossk at his side. Thanks Thomas for variety.

Darth Vader is a no show to the single elims. This makes me sad but it is what it is.

An Imperial Officer leads two of the empire lists meaning she shows up more than Vader. You can thank Screwtape and myself for this. “I walked through the desert on a horse with no name”.

Bossk is really making waves this season, showing up in 16 lists! Thanks for the new toy FFG! Actually he’s working side by side with Boba Fett in 9 of these 16 lists. *Spoiler Alert* Double Bounty hunter was the most common list.

Boba Fett is back this season. Showing up in 11 lists, nine of which are double bounty hunter lists.

Death Troopers show up in six lists. And the Occupier Assault Tank shows up in two lists. There are no AT-STs. No E-Webbs. One list with bikes.

Bid average is 797. With a range of 794 – 800.

Winner for Most Unique List Goes to…. Mbweha!

Ben (Mbweha) has pulled an interesting list out of his back pocket. I played Ben in the Yavin Base Team League, and he caught me off guard with a triple bike, triple sniper, double snows list. He piloted the bikes very well and he brings bikes back in this list. This time only two bike units, but paired with Krennic, Veers, and Death Troopers. See Ben’s list on Table Top Admiral here.

At a glance, only 3 corps units would turn a lot of people off from this list. However Veers can be used aggressively or for objectives in place of a DLT storm unit. And in a pinch the DTs can get in there and do objectives. The bikes will likely keep the few units alive longer by taking aggro in the early turns. Looking forward to see if this list works out for Ben. Is it jank? Or is it genius?

Another One of a Kind – Depinto’s Sabs

Depinto is looking for ways to break the game. He’s running Krennic, DTs, 3 sabateur strike teams, 2 snowtrooper, 3 storms, and a total of four medics! Snows have come up quite scarce this season with people preferring to play a ranged game. Depinto is nearly all in with the close quarters and the suppression he can generate off the sabs, DTs, and Krennic’s 3 pip might annihilate opponents.

Whether he finds success or not, props to him for running something off the wall.

Depinto’s list here.

Veers, Bossk, Tank

I must have missed the memo on this list being the best way to run the tank because two people, Starscream and Xiconia, are running identical lists in terms of units. The upgrades make them very different however. They each have.

-Occupier Assault Tank
-4 Stormtroopers
-3 Sniper Strike teams

As mentioned, the upgrades make the lists very different. Most notably, on the tank, Starscream has chosen to take the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot and the Rifle Pintle upgrades. Xiconia went with a thinner tank, having only the Seargeant Arbmab upgrade.

Starscream doubled down on the tank by having 2 astromechs with storms where as Xiconia has 1 medic droid with his storms. These lists excite me as they stand out among the others by bringing the tank into the fight. I consider Starscream an expert on armor units and he has already taken a round 1 victory over Breadwizard. I think this Boss/tank type of list can show the viability of armor.

Starscream’s list here.
Xiconia’s list here.

Double Bounty Hunters – New Meta

By far the most popular archetype this season is the double bounty hunter lists. Nine of the twenty one empire lists are double bounty lists. Screwtape and I took the generic officer with the hunters in favor of getting an 11th activation. The other 7 lists are running Veers. The formula for this list seems to be standard, 3 snipers, 4 storms, 2 hunters and Veers. Some upgrades vary.

Screwtape and I continue to put stock in the generic officer in favor of putting the 30 points saved into other parts of the list. It’ll be interesting to see if it inhibits us or puts us ahead.

Screwtape’s list here.
My list here.
Hoffburger’s list here.
Sploosh’s list here.
Nicky Myland’s list here.
Beefcake’s list here.
Darqueling’s list here.
Huntsman’s list here. (Krennic and Veers)
Stevens’ list here.

Veers and Solo Hunter

Orkimedes and Luke Cook have both favored more corp and better activation control, and have gone with Veers and one bounty hunter. Both of these players are going to worlds, so maybe they are ahead of the curve and all the double bounty hunter players are fools.

Orkimedes is up on the Bossk hype and still loves a good Coordinated Fire. He has Veers/Bossk, six DLT storms, and three snipers. OOf that’s a lot of corp.

Luke Cook is sticking with old faithful of Veers/Boba. He does have one snow trooper unit with recon intel along with five DLT Storms. The snows mixed with strict orders upgrade on Veers, means he could potentially start a turn one coordinated fire. All in all Luke stands by the age old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Orkimedes’ list here
Luke’s list here

Krennic/Bounty Hunter/Death Troopers

I’m lumping four lists together though they are quite varied. These lists are structured around taking Krennic, a bounty hunter, and at least one Death Trooper unit. Up till the day of list submissions, I was going to run a similar list (Krennic Boba) as I had success with it in the round robin. I’ll be watching these lists and how they perform as I think they have potential. The general formula for these lists are Krennic, a hunter, 3 sniper strike teams, and one DT unit. Fill rest with corp.


Finn’s list here
Ag’s list here.
Biggest difference is Ag took a unit of snows, Finn took only storms.


Whokickmydog list here.
Earnan’s list here

Both of these lists have taken the points saved from dropping Boba to Bossk, and squeezed in a second unit of DTs. Whokickmydog is running his DTs with the load out of DLT/Hunter/Config, which I really like. Earnan has chosen to run two snowtroooper units with one storm, where as Whokick is running three storm trooper units.

Veers’ Elites

I mentioned in my last post about the Death Troopers, a list Kingsley had mentioned may have potential. A list being Veers or Krennic with two DTs and a unit of Imperial Royal Guard. Breadwizard was the only person to take such a list. This was also the only list to have IRG.

At the time of this post, he had already lost to Starscream. I think there is potential for an elite special forces list, I don’t know if people have had enough time to test it out. I know I haven’t. I’ve played against DT’s with IRG next to them, and they are pain to deal with.

Bread Wizard squeezed into his 9 activation list, Veers/Bossk/2 DTs/IRG and 4 corp units. See it here.

Not Quite a Double Rainbow, but Special Nonetheless

Last but not least, is Thomas’ Palp/Bossk list. When Bossk was first announced, people immediately started to test out Palp/Bossk. Bossk’s range, suppressive weapon, and reliability to put damage through heavy cover, makes him a natural pull the strings target. Thomas actually dropped snow’s and IRG, who are the usual targets for pull the strings. Instead he took only storms and sniper strike teams, to support the Bossk/Palp carry machine.

I never tried this list out as I don’t play Palpatine. I guess people found double bounty to be better or more fun than Palp/Bossk. Maybe Thomas can represent and change people’s minds.

See Thomas’ Palp/Bossk list here.


I hope this write up helped you sort through all the empire lists! Invader League elims in the past has been a look at the future meta. In season 2 I took the Veers/Boba/IRG list to the finals. Similar list won LVO and Adepticon was overflowing with Veers/Boba lists. I expect Rally point qualifiers to be full of double bounty lists and the other lists seen here in the IL single elims!

If there are any lists you think should have made an appearance in the elims, let me know on discord or in the comments below! Maybe everyone is sleeping on the next big list. Thanks for reading!


  • Polda

    Do you think FFG would ever restrict the triple sniper spam nonsense (flotilas in Armada), introduce a cap on number of activations in a list or an option to pass?

    • Garnanana

      I’m anticipating smoke grenades which are coming with the release of the clone wars, to be a balance answer to sniper spam. Based on the future proofing seen with Boba Fett, having sharpshooter 2 and rocket having blast on top of SS2, could have been future proofing for smoke grenades which I’m guessing will make units immune to sharpshooter.

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