Learning from the Rebel side and Going Against Meta

Hello and welcome back fellow commander! This past weekend I played in a small store tourney and to change things up, I played rebels. I figured I’d share a quick post sharing my thoughts after a weekend with rebels.

It’s good to see things from the other side from time to time. Playing rebels was, surprisingly very fun and fresh.

I played Wonder Twins (WT) but due to rebels not being my main factions, I had some limitations of army building, mainly being that I only own one box of rebel commandos. I ran a nine activation list and I fit into it all the toys I wanted.

Rebels OP – 797

Luke Skywalker – Force Push, E-Stims
Leia – Esteemed Leader
Chewbacca – E-Stims
Wookie Warriors – Bowcaster, Tenacity
Rebel Troopers x 4 – Z6
Strike Team – Sniper

List Strategy

The snipers were added in as filler. It was that or a naked squad of rebel troopers. The strategy outlook I had for the list however meant I didn’t need a naked squad of rebel troopers for objectives. The game plan for the list was to deploy Wookies, Luke, and Chewie away from the Z6 troops and Leia. Luke and Wookies would pressure opponents’ objectives and back field. While Leia and the troopers would play cagey and hold/do my objectives.

This game plan really came through in my first round match against BgMoore who I’ve played before in table top simulator. And this first match was the best match of the day so I’ll share a recap of it. We had Sabotage the Vaporators, with Battle Lines and Clear conditions.

BG was running middle management. Having Veers, Krennic, Death Troopers with DLT and config, three sniper strike teams, and several DLT storms and a med bot.

BG deployed two storms with DLT near his vaps which were left of center of field. My vaps were right of center. I deployed Luke and Chewie in the center with a Z6 unit to help them out from a distance. The wookies were placed far out on the left flank. Chewie was crucial for the Luke push, he took 3-4 hits with guardian off of Luke.

I definitely felt the pain being on the receiving end of the Death Troopers fire. In turn 1, they opened up with a big range four hit, killing all but the leader of one my Z6 units. Every turn after they continued to roll out huge hits. Every time they activated, I cringed. They were deployed where they could cover both of my vaps. I never shot back at the DTs. Instead I moved onto my vaps and to get them done. I got one vap completed and never got to the other. But that was okay.

While the DTs and the majority of BG’s army wrecked me on the right side of the field, they weren’t moving fast enough to my vaps. While on the other side of the field, I was wiping everything he had off the board, and the vaps he placed were quickly becoming mine.

The Other Two Matches

As I said, the BgMoore match was the best one of the day. My second match was against a newer player. One of those matches you feel bad about and hope you didn’t burn out a new player. He was running empire and I had him off the table by turn 5.

My third match was against the other 2-0 guy and he was pretty good. He was also rebels, running a solo Luke list. He played too aggressively however and came running into my deathball’d army. My dice were stupid hot in this last match as well. He conceded in turn 5 I think it was. He was headed towards a table wipe and it was clearly over.

The Temptations to Play Rebels

I had a lot of fun playing rebels. The biggest pull to playing more rebels is it is fresh. If you’re reading this post, and you’ve lately been bored or things in Legion feels stale, try running the other faction if possible. Its a good time.

But beyond the freshness, damn rebels felt to me OP. It’s not just that I won games 2 and 3. But I wiped my opponents off the table.

In first match against BG, they played about as I expected rebels to play. Dying by the numbers but carried by the hero characters. I focused on winning the objectives and didn’t worry as much about shooting back. I knew I was outgunned by DTs. And I trusted my carries (Wookies, Chewie and Luke) could kill more than enough to win the points game.

The four Z6 units were enough. Felt like 3 since he basically killed one off turn 1. Going back to my last post of thinking in space. Having fewer Z6 troopers definitely allowed me to make use of the cover I had available to me.

But give me an inch and I’ll take a mile. The newer player in the second game. I didn’t just beat him, I murdered him. Its strange, the rebels feel outgunned by some of the big empire weapons, but at the same time, having 5/9 units on the field with pierce and consistent damage, just feels dirty. Despite whatever shady stuff Nick Freeman pulled at Adepticon, I believe he believed Han/Chewie/Leia was good. And I felt Luke/Leia/Chewie was strong. Pierce for days.

And then there’s the wookie warriors. Yea they can die fast. But if there is a unit that rewards you for good positioning, its them. They are my ideal unit. A unit with courage 2 that can play away from commanders and do some flanking shenanigans. Using them made me wish the Royal Guard had pierce and impact on their ranged attack.

In Conclusion, More Rebels in the Future?

I don’t know if I’ll play more rebels anytime soon. If I do, I’ll continue to bring multiple characters. I think Chewie is very strong paired with Luke and Leia. I may have to try dropping Luke for Han. If I play more rebels in the future, I”m going to do so running only one sniper strike team or none.

I hear rumblings from some that they feel rebels are being overshadowed by Empire. Or that they are feeling weak. Well as the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. But in this case is it more like, ‘It feels broke so fix it’? Maybe its time to try new things.

Thanks for reading and maybe in the future, I’ll return with more tales of rebel experimentation!

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