Muncie Indiana Rally Point Qualifier Recap

Hello all! On July 13th I took part in the rally point qualifier held at Atomic Comics Games and Music located in Mucie Indiana. The Legion Academy podcast talked about this RPQ as well and I am indeed the second place loser Casey Jones.

Firstly, shout out to the game store and its staff who were great! I was immediately please to find it had enough parking available, (side rant begin) which is always something I stress about. I blame it having gone to IUPUI in Indianapolis prior to two parking garages being built which alleviated the parking issue. When I went there, it wasn’t unusual to drive around parking lots for 30 minutes looking for a place to park and lord forbid you park somewhere you shouldn’t cause that’s asking for a ticket. (end rant)

Anyways, as I said the staff were great and a nice touch they had on the event was for $5 providing pizza, chips, and a snack for lunch. I credit at least my round 2 win to that oatmeal cream pie dessert at lunch. The tables were all around good and varied. The judge mentioned during start of the day that he tried to set them up with some realism in mind. Something which I don’t mind at all. There was plenty of space around the tables and comfy chairs. All these things made for a great day. Here’s some pictures of the tables!

My List

For this RPQ I ran a Krennic/Boba list. The full list was as follows:

Director Orson Krennic 90
Boba Fett Recon Intel, 
Stormtroopers DLT-19 Stormtrooper, FX-9 Medical Droid, x2
Stormtroopers DLT-19 Stormtrooper x2
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) DLT-19x Sniper x3
Imperial Death Troopers 76 -DLT-19D Trooper, Hunter, Recon Intel, E-11D Focused Fire Config

This is a list I played in most of my round robin games for invader league season 3. Its a solid all comers list. The more I play Krennic, the more I realize I prefer him over General Veers. I went with 800 points as I don’t mind red player when playing Boba Fett. I like to have the last placement against other 10 activation lists so I can decide who I want to put the pressure of Bounty on.

I’ve not bitten on the Bossk hype. The bounty hunter of choice among the 10 empire players present seemed to be Bossk. I didn’t see on a table another Boba Fett but its likely I missed it. Boba did work for me in all the matches. This was the first time I’ve ran Boba practically naked. I like having hunter and E-stims if the points are there. When list was first drafted up, I had hunter on Boba and not on the Death Troopers. I switched it around after Screwtape suggested doing so, and I think it was a good choice. With DT’s having precise 2 keyword, they get more value out of the aim than Boba does. This slim Boba was mostly objective focused.

In all four matches I played, I opened with Annihilation Looms turn 1. This was new for me, as I was never a fan of opening with this card. It worked well game 1, then again game 2 and 3. By game 4 I was opening with AL by habit and default.

Turn 1 tokens went to Krennic, two strike teams, and Deathtroopers (entourage). Using recon intel on the DTs, I’d deploy them later, and in a place to have at least 2 units in the tip of the range four band. In the open or light cover if able. I’d go with them first to open up with a strong attack from a safe range four. I’d then go with the two strike teams that had order tokens, to add more suppression to targets and to keep my units back further. This turn created pressure on opponents. If they missed their rally rolls, their corp units could not move forward and shoot. I leaned into the suppression using compel on all units and getting shots on already suppressed units. Each game started on the right foot.

Game 1

My game was opponent was Tony Jones, a Muncie local. I actually played Tony at the store tourney in Kokomo two months ago. He was playing a Palpatine/Bossk/IRG list. We played breakthrough, clear conditions and major offensive.

Actually played the final match on this table as well.

Tony shot himself in the foot with his turn 0 deployment. See in the picture above, all the stuff on the bottom right deployment is mine. He split his forces between two locations. Palpatine, IRG, Bossk, and a storm medic squad were there at the top of the picture. Everything else of his is off to the left in a position to sneak around into my deployment I assume. I had the ranged fire power advantage and this battle field is very open. I was able to focus his key units down fast and early. Tony’s a cool dude and mechanically he played much better in this match than our first match in Kokomo. I look forward to seeing how much better he gets in the future.

Game 2

My second match was against a Jason Bond. The best thing about this match, is we didn’t realize we had played before on TTS. He is Jacen007 on the Legion discord, and I had played him in the round robin of Invader League. It was during the after match discussion we realized we knew each other.

We played breakthrough, Battle Lines, and clear conditions.

Jason was playing a Flyboys list which I would support as optimized. Three snipers, lots of Z6, Han, and Luke. The turn 1 opening I mentioned put a lot of pressure on him turn one. I was able to get open shot with DTs at range 4 on rebel troopers. However, this left my DT’s in the open to his corp units, but because the suppression, they could not return fire turn 1. The map also made Luke’s approach impossible to do safely. He had to get Luke in as he was quickly falling behind in attrition due to range and suppression. It was open in the center and when his Luke charged in, he killed a unit of storms then died for it.

I had the left long edge. Open center field.

Game 3

My third match was against a friend, Brad Moore, AKA BGmoore on discord. We’ve had many matches in the past, and every time they are close matches. Brad was running Krennic/Bossk/Deathtroopers/x3 snipers. So basically the same list I was running, except swap Boba for Bossk and sprinkle the extra points through out.

We played Sabotage Moisture Vaporators on Long March. The battlefield was urban, with very minimal scatter terrain. It was one of those fields where you’re in the open, or behind a building. This left the vaporators out in the open. This game was defined by my sniper plays. I placed my three snipers in a line to have an open shot down the street onto Brad’s vaporator. Anything he sent to this vap would be shot to bits by 3 snipers.

We both opened up with Annihilation Looms, putting two suppression on every unit. I gave order token to 2 sniper units and Krennic. Other matches I had gone first with the snipers early, in this one I held them hoping Brad would move storms into the open. Brad played very cagey and moved storms forward but behind a building to take a turn to clear suppression and to be able to move repair next turn. He was denying my snipers good targets, and as I looked for what else I could shoot, I saw it. Brad’s Bossk was placed in a different fire lane, opposite of the side of my 3 snipers, and near the edge of the board. I measured I would be able to move snipers to this fire lane and shoot Bossk’s gun which was sticking out from his cover. This was a hail mary in a sense. I knew if Bossk had heavy cover, my snipers would not do 3 wounds and enrage him. I wanted to pile on suppression. Mainly to force his Bossk to activate earlier and not have any turn 1 shot. Brad did not activate his Bossk however, and every sniper rolled at least a hit to suppress Bossk. When Bossk finally activated, he had five suppression. He rolled all blanks on the rally. Bossk fled the board turn one.

In after game talk, it was discussed that it is easy to forget Bossk only has 2 courage. Unlike Sabine or Boba, if Bossk is taking multiple shots, he’ll easily become enraged and have infinite courage. As I said, this turn 1 incident defined the match. Brad tried to claw his way back in but it was obvious that with each unit he killed off, I would kill one in return.

The open shot on the vaps the snipers were lined up for.
The fire lane they compelled moved into to shoot Bossk. You can see the blurry Bossk way downfield.

Game 4 – The Final Match

The final game was against Paul Watson. Paul discussed the game briefly on the Legion Academy podcast. His list threw me for a loop in that it had no snipers. His list was a generic officer, Sabine (Saber & E Stims), 3 AT-RT with rotary, and rest filled with Z6 corps and 3 astromechs.

We played Intercept transmissions, and since the AT-RT’s can’t score on this objective, I chose to ignore them and focus down the corp units. In retrospect, I should have pushed wounds through on the RTs as they rolled hot and were able to see over the little bit of terrain on the table.

The biggest mistake I made during this match and which started my down hill spiral, was not respecting Sabine’s explosion command card. I figured I had turns 1 and 2 to spread out to deny a good explosions. Paul played explosions turn 2 and hit 5 units in the blast. My defense dice were a bit below average. As I said, more than Paul’s list, this explosions turn was the start of the game spiraling out of my control.

A lesson learned in this match was listen for changes of instructions before the match. For the other matches of the day, time was called after two hours, and players had 15 minutes to finish the current turn they are on. At end of the 15 minutes was hard dice down. Before this match, I missed the judge say that it was two hours and ten minutes for the match with hard dice down at the end of this time. I kept eyes on the clock and thought we had plenty of time to finish the turn and not enough time to get to the next turn, so I slowed down to plan out moves more carefully. The time went up and any outs I had for a win couldn’t be attempted.


At the end of a long day, its frustrating to get so close and lose it in the last match. But in the big picture of things, I spent an entire day playing Legion and that’s always a good day. Gencon is just around the corner I’ll be there on the Thursday trying again for the win.

Thanks for reading!

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