Dawn of Double Tank?

For much of the life of Legion, armor has been considered as under performing. The tanks and land speeders received a pretty positive reception upon release especially with consideration to the strong pilot upgrades that came with them. It seems that today, and going into the future, double tank lists are completely viable competitive lists. Today I wanted to give double tank a bit of attention.

You’ll want to be able to see pictures in this post as I’m taking the comments of the players straight from discord in screenshots.

At the RPQ I went to this month, John Griffin of the Legion Academy ran a double tank list to some success. If I recall correctly, he was 3-0 but was cut from the final match by strength of schedule.

The Yavin Base Team League season 2 continued into round 2 this past week. There were many games this past week but two games stood out to me. These two games that stood out to me were both won by players running double Occupier tank.

The Players and the Lists

The first match was a match between my teammate Rob (aka Starscream), and Master of the Force Luke, (aka MOTF Luke).

Starscream was piloting the following double tank list.

  • General Veers
  • E-Web Heavy Blaster Team x2
  • Stormtroopers – DLT, R4 Astromech
  • Stormtroopers – DLT
  • Stormtroopers – R4 Astromech
  • Stormtroopers
  • Occupier Assault Tank – Imperial Hammers Elite Pilot, RT-97C Rifle Pintle, Linked Targeting Array x2

And MOTF Luke was piloting.

  • Director Krennic – Electrobinoculars
  • Bossk – Hunter, E-Stims
  • Stormtroopers – DLT, Medic x2
  • Stormtroopers – DLT x2
  • Death Troopers – DLT, E-Stims, config
  • Sniper Strike Team x3

The second match was one between Chris, (AKA Darqueling) and one of the top 8 worlds players, LJ Pena (AKA Talkpolite). Darqueling was piloting the following double tank list.

  • Imperial Officer
  • Stormtroopers – DLT, R4 Astromech x3
  • Stormtroopers
  • Scout Strike Team – Sniper x3
  • Occupier Assault Tank – First Seargeant Arbmab
  • Occupier Assault Tank – Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot, RT-97C Rifle

Talkpilot was running a very strong and proven list which was used by Orkimedes to win Invader League Season 3. It was…

  • General Veers – Improvised Orders
  • Bossk – Hunter, E-stims
  • Stormtroopers – DLT, Medic x2
  • Stormtroopers – DLT x4
  • Sniper Strike Team x3

Linked Targeting Array

You may have noticed Starscream’s double tank list is proxying an unreleased card, Link Targeting Array (LTA). LTA is a comms upgrade for vehicles and emplacement troopers only. As of now, FFG has revealed it will be releasing with the Clone Wars core box and with an upgrade pack for the Civil War factions.

LTA shows promise to be a buff to armored vehicles as well as emplacement troopers. For armored vehicles such as the tank or AT-ST, this means reducing the variance on your large pools of attack dice. Because nothing felt worse than rolling 9 dice with a 200+ point AT-ST and getting 3 hits. For Emplacement troopers, this may give them the chance to recover their generator upgrades and still shoot with an aim. Taking a second aim isn’t a bad idea either.

You may have also noticed, Starscream had no strike teams. He actually had two E-Webs.

I’m definitely not the armor expert as I prefer to strong characters. So instead of commenting on it, I asked Starscream to comment on his list.

Starscream’s Comments on His List

I like Starscream’s out look on using E-Webs to add meat to a list. Strike teams are great for padding activation count, but they hide away and don’t add meat to pile onto objectives.

Darqueling’s Comments

Darqueling put some real thought into the list. Where as Starscream had two identical tanks, Darq equipped one tank to push out ahead of the other.

TalkPolite’s Comments

Legion is a dice game. Talkpolite believes Empire vs tanks will inevitably come down to dice rolls. Tanks are the first armored unit we’ve seen with 50/50 red dice saves. It’s a bad day when you throw shot after shot into them and they roll block after block.

I think playing double tanks against Imperials is a dice roll. A lot of it is going to be variance.

Talk Polite – 2019

Squad 7, Roll Out!

Cheers to Darq and Starscream for their victories earned using double tanks. And double props to Starscream for experimenting outside of the strike teams box.

Th e takeaway from this little bit of team league coverage, is to get out there and experiment. Tjhe future for armored units looks bright. Will you pilot vehicles to victory? Or will you get ran over by tanks?

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