Meta Shakers

Hello and welcome back fellow commanders! The winds of changes are blowing through our Legion tables. At the start of this month Legion was hit with a patch of sorts, re balancing several units. And if this patch wasn’t enough, we have new units hitting the tables for the Empire and Rebels.

I’m counting down days to the rally point qualifier in Ohio I’m going to on the 28th. I’m excited to see how lists have changed post point changes (and range changes). I’m expecting to be surprised by something.

As I’m prepping for this RPQ, I’m trying to predict what lists people with show up with and how to counter them. In predicting what I expect to see, I consider…
1. What people are excited to use and
2. What is currently generally accepted as strong units. In short, I compiled a list of units that are shaking up the meta. Listed in order to what I feel is having the most effect.

The Meta Shakers

  1. Taun Tauns – No surprise these are the number one shake up. I don’t think I need to explain much as TTs have been around long enough now that their effect on the game has already started to show. They’ve been discussed extensively on podcasts and social media already. Some people are crying out for nerfs to their action economy. Others are cheering them on for being new hope for the Rebels.
    They are fast, efficient, and wreck havoc on gun lines. Anyone going to a competitive event needs to plan to see Taun Tauns.

  2. Shoretroopers/mortars– Shore troopers are incredibly efficient offensively. With one aim they average 5.16 average hits, and they can get that one aim very easily. Storms/DLT with one aim average 4.16 hits. You do however pay 16 points more for the shores, so its better to leave the objective doings to the stormtroopers in my opinion.

    A shore gun line is a tough bear to poke. Something such as 3 shores 3 mortars, or 4 shores, 2 mortars.

    Most lists don’t have the fire power to move in against such a gun line and trade well. I expect Shores to be very popular at my coming RPQ, though limited by how many people can buy up and have prepped and ready to go.

    Going into the future, shore lists get even better with aggressive tactics/comms relay shenanigans.

  3. AT-RT (rotary and flamers) – My top pick meta shaker that’s from the point changes. AT-RT’s were already pretty good. Being 10 points cheaper, while running three you can either tack on three astro mechs for what feels like free, or take the 30 points and apply it elsewhere. You can get a wonder twins list with 3 ATRTs and plenty of Z6 corp very easily. Which seems like it would be real good.

    There’s a lot more going on with AT-RT’s than just the point changes that makes them 3 on my list of meta shakers. AT-RTs have interactions with 1 and 2 on this list.

    First, to cover a big downfall, there’s the issue that they compete with the Taun Tauns in the support slot. However, if Taun Tauns are running around every where, then AT-RTs in theory should give you a tool to work with playing against the TTs. You can block TTs’ paths, protecting your troopers, and the RTs can’t be locked into engagement. Its not as simple as saying RTs counter TTs, as TTs could still do some work. it would require practice but in theory, TTs should be a good match up for RT players.

    If shores are as popular as I think they will be, then DLT storms won’t be swarming the tables. There’s going to be this weird pendulum, where as more DLT storms disappear , more armor hits the table, until people bring more DLT storms. If shores weren’t a thing, even with the point changes RT’s would run into issues against most empire lists.

  4. AT-ST – The AT-ST was out shined by the tank since the tanks release, but now, with a base cost of 170, the AT-ST feels like it is in a good place. With upgrades you’re looking at approximately 200 points (surge to hit pilot, heavy weapon, and comms of choice) vs the tanks 170-175 points. The AT-ST is one on this list that I think will be seeing table more often just as its a favorite among players. It is an attractive mini that is fun to paint/customize and show off.

    With the AT-ST you’re getting a more reliable piece in terms of the tables, due to the height of the ST as well as having a normal round base. I’ve seen players gripe on the discord about tables being bad for the tank, such as terrain making it impossible for tank to maneuver, or making it easy for opponent to hide from the tank for most the game. The AT-ST should be able to get shots on any table, as I’ve rarely seen terrain that would block its line of sight.

    Much like the AT-RTs, there’s more at play than just the point reduction. The AT-ST becomes safer as DLT storms become fewer. If AT-RTs and other armor become more common, the AT-ST is an answer. It brings impact 3, impact 4 with light laser cannon.

    Also going into the future, the clone wars factions have had revealed two tanks that look to be scary. Having an AT-ST means you can mass shores and mortars and let the AT-ST shoot the armor if you need to.

  5. Speeder Bike – Speeder bikes could be in a really good spot. Firstly, obviously being 15 points cheaper make them much more appealing. On top of this, their natural predator, the sniper, received the nerf bat. With snipers having range 5, its possible to deploy bikes where they won’t get plinked at on turn one by snipers across the table.

    Again, I’m predicting armor to become more common going into the future. Bikes could be quite effective at hitting armored targets hard turn one. It’s almost easy to forget bikes have impact 2 on their attack while both minis are still alive. Ideally, you move aim and shoot armor, likely getting a crit on top of your impact means 3 saves for armor. If you’re taking 3 bike units this could be a hard shut down for the armor hitting the table.

  6. Honorable Mention.. The Airspeeder – I will be surprised if there are no airspeeders on the tables at my RPQ this weekend. It’s a very iconic unit, and one people have been hungry to use competitively since the game’s release. At a 140 points it might be okay. My fear would be that it’s still near impossible to hide behind LOS blocking terrain, and its still made of glass. Ultimately, I don’t think it is a unit that will change the meta or define the course of a match. So it gets a mention but I don’t expect it to be a meta shaker.

What If Snipers were Protecting Us?

One thing I’m going to try and take note of at the RPQ, is how many sniper strike teams are present. I’m expecting them to be sparse, as a nerf is all the reason people needed to move on from a unit that was getting stale. I can’t be the only one assuming this, and it makes me wonder what has snipers been protecting us from?

I already mentioned how fading from a sniper meta is good for bikes. But the real scary unit is the Death Trooper. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some one running a list with 2 or more Death trooper units backed by Royal Guard and/or medics.

Emplacement trooper stock also goes up big time as a replacement for strike teams. I think sniper strike teams are still a competitive unit but as I said, people generally were ready to try new things and a nerf to them opened the door for experimentation.


The RPQ is in four days from the time I’m writing this. I’m going to try and take notes of all the lists present. I’ve tried looking for information from RPQ’s that have occurred over the last couple weeks since the point changes. I haven’t been able to find anything. If I had to summarize my prep planning, it would be…

“How do I beat Taun Tauns in Limited Visibility?”

I’ll be sure to report back next week! Thanks for reading!

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