Review of IL:S4 Empire Lists

Hello and welcome back! The season 4 of Invader League has been underway for little more than a month and has now entered the single elimination phase. I’m excited to look at and discuss all the Empire lists that have been brought to the table for the single eliminations.

For those who do not know, Invader League is a online league that starts with a round robin, and wraps up with a single elims bracket. Players are locked into their faction pick during the entirety of Invader League. During the round robin, players can change their lists from match to match. Players were split into more than 20 groups of 6. Top two players from each group go to the single eliminations. During the single elims, players submit a list which they are locked into for the entirety of the single elims.

I really enjoy looking through and seeing what Empire lists are brought to the single elims. After all, the players that make it into the single elims have to have good understanding of Legion and know what’s good to make it out of round robin.

Last season, I did a write up of all the Empire lists, and the hot list was double bounty. At a glance, things have changed drastically, as there are 0 double bounty lists. If you’re predicting the hot list to be shore/mortar heavy lists with Aggressive Tactics, then you would be spot on. Without further, lets start breaking down the 21 empire lists!

The Leadership of the Armies

This season, leading 11 lists, is Director Krennic. Veers follows in at 7. Imperial officer leads two lists. Commander Vader leads 1, while Palp is nowhere to be seen.

Director Krennic is the top dawg this season around. I was quite surprised to see zero palpatine lists. Possibly the most well known Palp player, R1H4, has switched off of Palpatine in favor of leading Taun Tauns into battle. There are ZERO double commander lists. I believe this is a result of people favoring a single commander to take equipped with the Aggressive Tactics upgrade. Which leads to…

17 of 21 Lists Have Aggressive Tactics

Yea that’s right, Aggressive Tactics (AT) is taking the spot light this season, being in an overwhelming number of Empire lists. Well, I shouldn’t say AT is in these lists, because in a way, AT is the list. Most all the AT lists invest heavily into making the most of AT, with a heavy number of shores and mortars with comms relay upgrade. Comms Relay went from being card practically never seeing play, to being seen attached to 43 units this season.

We’ll come back around to the AT lists and how they’ve been tweaked by different players. I first want to look at the 4 lists that are NOT running AT.

The ‘No Aggressive Tactics Lists”

We may as well start with Team Relentless Teammate Nerfley, who was the brave soul to bring Vader. Nerfley has long been a dedicated Vader player and I know he’s excited to place Vader down on the table with the new command cards available to him. His list is so off the wall in comparison to everyone’s else, his will be the only list posted out and not just linked to. You can check Nerfley’s Vader list out on Table Top Admiral by clicking here. Here it is though.

Darth Vader (Force Choke, Force Push, Saber Throw)
Snowtroopers (Flametrooper, FX-9 Medical Droid, Recon Intel)
Stormtroopers (RT-97C Stormtrooper)
Stormtroopers (RT-97C Stormtrooper)
Stormtroopers (RT-97C Stormtrooper)
Stormtroopers (HH-12 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper Specialist)
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (DLT-19x Sniper)
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (DLT-19x Sniper)
Imperial Death Troopers (DT-F16, Offensive Push, E-11D Focused Fire Config)

And its not even April Fools Day! There are zero Shores! Zero mortars! There’s a rocket launcher! wut.

Nerfley has brought commander Vader alongside with a unit of Death Troopers led by DT-16. Crazy. On top of this, he has three Storms with the new RT-97C heavy and one storm with the HH-12 Rocket Launcher and specialist upgrade. I hope Nerfley wins a few cause I always like a guy who sticks a finger up to the meta lists. May the force be with you Nerf.

The Other No Aggressive Tactics Lists

The other three lists not built around shores and aggressive tactics, have one led by Krennic, one by Veers, and one led by the Imperial Officer.

Huntsman’s list is quite something, bringing Veers, Boba Fett, 3 shores, 3 mortars, and an AT-ST kitted out. Seems he’s trying to take advantage of the cheap mortar activation as well as the points decrease of the AT-ST. Also, Veers has improvised orders. Haven’t seen that in a while. Here’s a link over to TTA.

A new name to the Invader scene, Technofobia, brought a Krennic/Bossk list. It’s backed by 2 shores, 2 mortars, 2 storms, Death Troopers, and a sniper strike team. Interestingly, he has comms relay on both the mortars and the DTs, but does not have Aggressive Tactics. Hmmmm. Check it out here.

My list is one of the few lists not sporting Aggressive Tactics and it is led by an Imperial Officer and Boba Fett. I’ve brought 2 shore troopers, one mortar, three DLT storms, a sniper strike team, and Imperial Royal Guard. The formula of my list has long remained the same but I’ve adapted shores and a mortar into the mix. Check the full list out over here.

I have defensible reasons for not bringing AT, and not having more than one mortar. It could easily be a blog post of its own, but in short, reasons are, dice variance, objectives, comms jammers, mortars, and Taun Tauns.

The Aggressive Tactics Lists

I’m lumping the AT lists together by commander primarily. The formula for the AT lists seems to be picking a commander, either Veers or Krennic. Fill corp with shores/mortars. And finish with a vehicle, death troopers, or e-webbs/snipers. This formula explains the numbers of each unit we see this unit.

Corps by the Numbers

Shores and mortars dominate the ranks of the Empire lists this season because of the AT fad. Fourteen Storms sit in the shadow and there is ONE unit of snows. A good number of storms are one or two of, and a lot of them do not have any heavy weapon. In fact, my list and Nerfley’s list account for half of the storms in the league.

Special Forces still Strike

Interestingly, this is the most prominent season yet for the Imperial Royal Guard who have been available for the last 3 seasons. Deathtrooper numbers are up from Season 3. Snipers still remain prominent, however, it was apparent snipers are not a mandatory three of which was the goal of the nerf. Most lists had 1-2 snipers strike teams which allowed room for the DTs and IRG to come in. I believe we’re also seeing IRG and DT numbers go up due to the AT list. People are using DTs as the splash to the list with IRG protecting them. There were in fact only three lists that had three sniper strike teams.

Supports and Heavies

E-webbs are seeing their day! Kind of. There are 6 E-Webbs spread across the lists which I feel if you go back and compare to other seasons, this is probably a 600% increase of Web. Good for them. Its like seeing that kid that always finishes last in the race, come in third place. Good for you kid.

Sadly there are 0 bikes. Even after the points decrease, people don’t seem interested in trying to make bikes work. But the saddest support of all, is the poor ol’ Dewback. There is one Dewback. A sad entrance for a new unit. I’m sure its in part to lack of testing time with it as well as it being in the shadow of the AT lists.

For the heavies, there are four AT-STs and two Tanks. There are no double vehicle lists.

The Aggressive T. Lists: Starting with “Genius or Jank”

Looking through all the AT lists, I figure the best way to lump them is by what commander leads, followed by what splash trend they follow. I like to start with the more unique stuff, and I’ve already looked at the four lists that are not AT lists. So if I had to give one AT list the spotlight, it’d be Whokickmydog’s list. Is his list jank or genius. Bro, IDK. You decide! Just don’t let him know who kick’d his dog!

Image result for star wars empire dog


Director Orson Krennic (Aggressive Tactics, Strict Orders)
Bossk (Hunter, Targeting Scopes)
Shoretroopers (T-21B Trooper, Recon Intel)
Shoretroopers (T-21B Trooper, FX-9 Medical Droid, Recon Intel)
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
Imperial Death Troopers (DLT-19D Trooper, Hunter, E-11D Focused Fire Config)
Imperial Death Troopers (DLT-19D Trooper, Hunter, Comms Relay, E-11D Focused Fire Config)
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (Sonic Charge Saboteur)

Look at this gem. I’ve targeted this as the most unique AT list because of the addition of Bossk, x2 DTs, AND a single sab strike team. And I love how his is list is outfitted to murder Taun Tauns. Bossk and both DT’s with hunter means he’ll get free aims against Tauns for days. I’m not sure what his thinking of the sab team is, however, I ran a single sab strike team once in a match against Endless. And its amazing how annoying one strike team can be.

There is one more oddball list at the end. But lets cover Veers and all the basic K’s.

The Veers AT Lists

Now one might assume the Veers lists would have all the vehicles, and, one might be wrong. There’s actually 2 Veers lists with vehicles, one tank-one ST. And there are two Krennic lists with vehicles, two AT-STs.

Looking through the Six Veers AT lists, I have to assume each of these players is putting a lot of value on Veers’ three pip, Imperial Discipline. All of the lists have at least one shoretrooper with HQ uplink, totaling to 10 among the lists. Offensive push shows up 10 times across these 6 lists as well. Also of note, none of the AT Veers lists have Death Troopers.

To see any of the lists, click on the links below to go to Tabletop Admiral.

AT Veers w/ Vehicles

Griffin of 312th here. Griffin is running x3 shores, x3 mortars, x1 Ewebb, and a AT-ST fully kitted. He has HQ uplink on all 3 shores as well as Offensive push. He does not have comms relay on any of the mortars or ewebb. Interesting. Easy to see why he named his list, ‘Targeting and Discipline’. Touche

Darqueling’s list here. Darq has x3 shores, x3 mortars, 2 snipers, and a fully kitted tank. He has HQ uplink on one shore, comms relay on all 3 mortars.

AT Veers: The Other Four

BGmoore’s list here. Takes advantage of the HQ uplink-offensive push combo. He’s running x3 shores, x3 mortars, IRG, 2 sniper strikes, and an E-Webb. All three shores have HQ uplink as well as offensive push. He has no comms relays in the list, so clearly he relies on the HQ uplinks into Imperial Discipline, and likely plans to have won by then.

Pogona Barbata’s List Here. Is running x3 shores, x2 mortars, x3 sniper strikes, x2 Ewebbs. Two of his shores have offensive push and targeting scopes, the other shore is just a heavy weapon. His two mortars do not have relay, but his two E-webs do. I like this tech yet I don’t. Mostly because E-webs have a bit shorter range and are already a juicier target than mortars. His relay chain could fall apart quickly. Will be interested to see how he does. Oh also, this guy was top seed from Round Robin. Grats sir.

Nicky Myland’s list continues the trend. But interestingly, he’s splashed Boba Fett in! I like. Myland is running Boba Fett, x2 shores, x2 mortars, one storm with just a medic, x2 sniper strikes, and Imperial Royal Guard. An interesting list. He has comms relay on both the mortars. He has offensive push on one shores. I hope he does well.

Baffled by Reflect Light’s list also splashes in a bounty hunter, Bossk. He’s running Bossk with offensive push, further value from ID. He also has x2 shores, x2 mortars, one DLT storm, x3 sniper strike teams. One of his shores have HQ uplink and both mortars have relays.

AT Krennic Lists

The Krennic lists tend to take advantage of entourage. As mentioned, none of the AT Veers lists had DTs, and it seemed people taking Veers wanted to splash with a vehicle or bounty hunter, while Krennic lists center around AT and DTs. Whokickmydog is one of the AT Krennic lists and was already mentioned, so that leaves 10 more. Offensive push and Uplinks are not seen in the Krennic lists.

The two AT Krennic lists with Vehicles

Basscor’s List here. Comes in with x3 shores, x3 mortars, x2 sniper strikes, and an AT-ST kitted out.

World Champ Luke Cook’s list here, comes in with x3 shores, x3 mortars, x2 sniper strikes, and an AT-ST fully kitted out. The only difference in the two lists is Luke Cook has an astro mech, and Basscor has no mech but 2 recon intels. I don’t know about you guys, but I would want to show up to a tourney with the same list as the world champ, must be good. Just don’t show up in the same shirt.

AT Krennic Lists with Two Deathtroopers

Zeromoon117’s list, comes with x3 shores, x3 mortars, one sniper strike, and x2 Deathtroopers. He’s got one medic droid for the DT’s. Comms relay on all the mortars and one relay on one DT. He’s ready to entourage and get orders to everything! He’s named his list suppression R us. I imagine he is primed and ready to use the 5 suppressive weapons and Annihilation Looms to his advantage.

Drrizzle’s list is very similar, coming with x3 shores, x2 mortars, x2 DTs, x2 sniper strikes. He has 2 mortars rather than three. Both have relays and one DT has relay.

All the Other AT Krennic Lists… (The Basic Peeps)

Mbweha (Ben) of Team Relentless has x3 shores, x3 mortars, DTs, IRG, and one sniper strike. He dropped his beloved bikes to jump in the crowd.

Finn’s list comes in with x3 shores, x3 mortars, x2 strikes, DTs, and IRG. I’ve heard rumblings that Finn is a good player, excited to see how he does. H has IRG and thats a good start. Anyone that knows me, Knows I’m big on IRG.

Larry Lobster’s list comes with x3 shores, x3 mortars, DTs, IRG, x2 sniper strikes. That makes three.

Gigi202’s list comes in with x3 shores, x3 mortars, x2 sniper strikes, one DT and one IRG. That makes four.

Image result for sesame street count 4

Asyer’s list comes in with x3 shores, x3 mortars, one DT, x3 sniper strikes, and x2 E-Webbs. Interestingly, he only has one comms relay, and its on his DTs. He’s not so all into AT and more about those x2 medical droids.

The Last Oddball List- ‘Xiconia, Table for One

Xiconia changes it up with his list! He has x2 shores, one naked storm, x2 mortars, x3 sniper strikes, a DEWBACK RIDER, and a Tank! Oh and, HIS COMMANDER IS AN IMPERIAL OFFICER (with AT). Seriously where is this guy from. No really I like seeing something different. He’s got relays on both mortars, naked storms for objectives. An astro mech to heal up his tank. And a dew back rider to throw Dew at his opponents. Good stuff.


Well we’ve made it through it. I hope this has helped you consume all the empire lists like Tauns consume Tauns. I’m not surprised at all by the numbers of AT lists there are. Yet, I am surprised. As I see tauns the biggest threat to the AT lists, with their speed, melee, and comms jammers. As well as the issue of Tauns engaging with mortars to be safe while the mortars cannot withdraw. I predict a lot of the AT lists to be ran over. Anyways, this season is shaping up to be a good one and it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top! Thanks for reading!

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