About The Author

Hello and Greetings, I’m Garnanana, or Garn for short.   Don’t let the name trip you up, you’re probably over thinking it. I’m a 28 year old guy from a relatively small city in Indiana.  I’m a video gamer, an officer, a dog dad, a Star Wars fan and a lover of strategy games.

I was relatively new to table top war games when I started into Legion, but not to strategy.  My foray into the world of strategy gaming started early in my life, with Conflict, an old NES game and chess. My older brother crushed me again and again, in this game, just as he did in chess.  I never gave up and learned from my defeats.  I found the RTS genre early as well, playing Warcraft I and II, and Starcraft.  To this day I still occasionally play Starcraft II, and am looking forward to WCIII:Reforged.

Conflict on the NES, The first strategy game I can remember playing

When X-Com Enemy Unknown was released, it immediately caught my attention.  This was a strategy game less about speed, control, build orders, but rather, it was a strategy game about positioning, planning, and most importantly, percentages.  X-Com, though a video game, gave me a new out look on board games involving odds.

Enter X-Wing Miniatures game. While out doing Christmas shopping with a friend in 2016, he told me about X-Wing.  I was immediately enamored.  The idea of a Star Wars themed game, involving tactics and dice rolling! I was sold.  I called my older brother to tell him about it, and he was ready to buy right away as well.  This was my introduction to miniatures games and I fell hard for it.   When Legion was announced, I was immediately interested, and have followed it since. Today, I’m happy to bring all the experience from the strategy games I’ve played through the years, to Star Wars Legion.

Everything expressed in this blog is my opinion and in no way is the best and only way to play SW Legion. My only goal is to provide you with some Legion content to ingest.  Hopefully you’ll take something away from this blog, like a new idea, view, or topic to discuss with fellow players.  Thanks for reading!

We’ve all been there

Old meme is old lol.