Team Relentless

-Our Mission Statement
Team Relentless is a collection of Star Wars: Legion players. We are dedicated to success at high levels of competitive play through growth, innovation, and sportsmanship.

Why We Formed a Team

  • “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan

The members of Team Relentless want to push ourselves to learn and continue to get better at Star Wars Legion. This is our number 1 focus. The skill level of players in Legion now is drastically improved. When compared that which it was just months after the games release. It is important to surround yourself with strong practice partners and sharp individuals to innovate.

There are four of us forming Team Relentless, myself, Michael Hollingsworth (Screwtape), Bradley Niemczyk (Nerfley) and Ben (Mbweha). Check the about the author page to learn a bit about me.

Nerfley (Brad) was introduced to Star Wars by a friend in first grade. Since that day it has been a defining part of his life. When Star Wars combined with tactical, turn-based gaming in Star Wars: Legion, he was sold. His competitive gaming history includes Magic: the Gathering, Planetside 2, and far too many hours in Firaxis games. Like XCOM and Civilization. Brad lends his artistic talents to Legion through the creation of art assets for Team Relentless and the Invader League. is

Mbweha (Ben VanDonge) fell in love with Star Wars during recess in the fifth grade when he watched some friends playing Decipher’s Star Wars CCG. Operating on a kid’s budget, Ben found himself finding ways to make competitive decks out of mostly non-rare cards that other players had long forgotten. Now a fifth grade teacher, it’s no coincidence that he continues to enjoy building innovative and offbeat army lists in Legion.

Screwtape (Michael) has unique ways of looking at Legion. He’s a college professor and an amateur statistician. He looks for the smartest most efficient way to win games. He constantly crunches numbers to find the most efficient ways to build a list.

Nashjaee (Nema): Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Nema is a Star Wars fan, amateur sourdough bread baker, and product designer. No, not web design. He does physical objects. Relatively new to the tabletop gaming scene, Nema enters the Legion crucible with experience primarily from Infinity and Armada, with just a dash of X-Wing. As the inaugural Rebel member of Team Relentless, he hopes to bring a unique perspective to the team with his focus on original, counter-meta approaches to list-building and in-game tactics.

What to Look For in the Future

Check back here on the Empire Legion blog for posts from the other members of Team Relentless. This is great for different points of view and for more consistent content.

Nerfley is hoping to stream more games in the future. There may or may not be a Youtube Video Series in the works. More info is coming soon!