Invader League Elimination Round Battle Report – Part 1

Welcome back! I had a pretty good run in the season 2 of Invader League.  Honestly, I was happy just to make it out of round robin and move into the single elimination round. I never would have dreamed of going to the finals.  This post will be a battle report summarizing the first three of my single elimination games.   Currently, the games can be watched on Twitch, but the games run long on TTS and if you want a summary, read on.

Game 1 vs. Nerfley

Map: Coruscant Port
Objective: Intercept Transmissions
Deployment: Major Offensive
Condition: Hostile Environment

‘Nexu Company, 3rd Raider Battalion’ 789 points
Darth Vader 200 – Force Push, Force Reflexes, Saber Throw
Imperial Officer 50 – Environmental Gear
Stormtroopers 44 – DLT-19 Stormtrooper
Stormtroopers 44 – DLT-19 Stormtrooper
Snowtroopers 48 – Flametrooper, Snowtrooper, Impact Grenades
Snowtroopers 48 – Flametrooper, Snowtrooper, Impact Grenades
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) 16 – DLT-19x Sniper
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) 16- DLT-19x Sniper
Imperial Royal Guards 75 – Electrostaff Guard, Tenacity, Environmental Gear

The Alamo

Going into this first match against Nerfley, I was a little nervous as I expected the level of competition to be a little higher going into the single eliminations.   Looking at Nerfley’s list before the match, I identified he had way more threat in a close quarters battle.  I only had one Snowtrooper unit to his two.   We both had IRG but he had tenacity.  And of course, he had Darth Vader! Playing against heavy close quarters lists means one bad engagement can snow ball quickly into a beating.   I identified my ranged advantage of having 2 DLT Storms over him, Boba, and Veers.  I was also up one activation.

The randomly selected map was Coruscant, a map crowded with buildings and with several alleys. My initial thought was that this wasn’t a good map for me.  I immediately pictured Nerfley being able to use all the LOS blocking terrain to get in close fast and burn through my troops.

Defining the battle field worked out oh so well for me.  We ended up with Intercept the transmissions, which is usually good for Vader.  However, on this map, the center transmission landed on the height 2 building in the center of the map. This was good, as range one of the objective covered both sides of the building. Potentially, it would have been possible to win by getting further up on activations and avoiding direct conflict with Nerfley’s closer range list altogether.

I pushed for hostile conditions for the reason that I had Veers (inspire and three pip), an officer on my snows, and an officer on my Storms.  I figured I could leverage suppression to my advantage. Boba’s bounty went on the squishy generic officer.  I hoped this would make the officer linger further back as to not be able to inspire.

Turn 1 started off well.  I was able to use maximum firepower wipe off one of Nerfley’s sniper teams which he placed on a height 2 tower, putting me up by two activations.  In the first two turns, we both moved in to contest the center objective.  We both dog piled on our side of the building.  Going into turn 3, Vader was on his side of the building, out of range of any of my units.  I was able to use Boba to whipcord Vader to delay his entrance another turn. This may have persuaded Nerfley to hold his position another turn.   Either way, neither were too keen to be the first one to make the advance on the other player.

I was up on activations so I played defensively.  Nerfley did get the first flame attack on my snow troopers, wiping all but the leader out.  When Nerfley moved snows in deeper however, he ended up getting burned by the seven blocks I rolled against his 7 hit attack.  More pressure was put on Nerfley when Boba sniped his bounty target with his jet pack rocket.  By securing the bounty and gaining an activation advantage, it became apparent the game was over.

I believe avoiding head on confrontation worked in this match.  At first I thought the map favored Nerfley, but I was able to tilt the map to my advantage.  I’m not sure there was much I would have done differently in this match.  Clambering should be given more consideration however.  The first casualties I had in the match was to a storm unit that clambered.  Throughout the match they contributed very little and as it turned out, there was no reason to climb the center building.  My favorite play was whip-cording Vader just to slow him down a turn.  I felt like I was beating brawn with brain. Other take away from the match was how good a height two building is for Boba.  Perching him up high creates a one man fortress.


Game 2 vs. Orkimedes

Map: Mimban
Objective: Intercept Transmissions
Deployment: Advanced Positions
Condition: Minefield

‘Peace Hating Insurgents’ 788 points

Luke Skywalker 160 -Force Push, Emergency Stims
Leia Organa 90 -Esteemed Leader
Rebel Troopers 40 – Z-6 Trooper  X 5
Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16 – DH-447 Sniper, Grappling Hooks
Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16 – DH-447 Sniper
Wookiee Warriors 75 – Bowcaster Wookiee, Tenacity

Tale of Dice

Going into the match against Orkimedes I was again… very nervous.  I knew the name Orkimedes from the Never Tell Me the Odds blog, and I imagined him as a machine, a human calculator, constantly running numbers and calculating the best odds for him.  Looking at his list, I identified the strength of his list as Luke Skywalker. I knew I had to avoid taking a ticket on the Luke Pain Train if I wanted to continue my journey to Victory Land.

Our lists were evenly matched. We were even on corp, even on snipers, he had wookies, I had IRG, and we both had 10 activations. The battle field was set up without favor to either player.  I noticed the center objective had LOS on both sides and was slanted.   I wanted to win the area around the water tower, a position where they would have a fire lane through the center of the map. covering the objective. So I deployed three storms and a snipe team in the corner.

Boba and the guards were placed in on the opposite end of my deployment area.  Ork dog piled in behind the building just opposite of the center objective.  I deployed Veers in the center where I spotted I could double move and maximum firepower a sniper team off the board.

Blue = Luke

The dice was wildly varied in this match.  The first two rounds went to Ork.  He was able to force push a sniper strike team I had deployed close to the board edge.  Worse, my red saves were working about as well as the defense of the Death Star.  Things looked grim as we went into round three. But with one roll, it all turned around.

I had whipcorded Luke who engaged Boba on top of the generator. Ork played Luke’s two pips giving the wookies an order and a dodge.  Boba jumped down and attacked the hairy wookies at range 2.  With an aim from hunter, I managed to roll four crits! From this point on, it was like I was rolling fireballs.  Several rebel troopers and Leia were caught out of cover, and the match swung wildly to favor me.

My overall strategy going into the match, was to let Ork have the objective turn 2, tie it up turn 4, and overwhelm turn 6 to tie on VP’s and win on points or with the bounty.   After the turn three swing, I snowballed and the game was able to be determined in round five.

My lesson from this match is don’t let bad red dice saves tilt you.  At the end of round two, I felt like I was standing in quicksand.  Dice can crush your hopes and dreams, but they can just as easily make you believe in the force again.


Game 3 vs. Chapliyn

Map: Bespin
Objective: Sabotage Moisture Vaporators
Deployment: Major Offensive
Condition: Clear Condition

‘Golden Wookies’ 793 points

Leia Organa 90 – Esteemed Leader
Han Solo 120
Rebel Troopers 40 Rebel Trooper
Rebel Troopers 40 Rebel Trooper,
Fleet Troopers 44 Scatter Gun Trooper
Rebel Troopers 40 Rebel Trooper
Wookiee Warriors 75
Bowcaster Wookiee, – Tenacity
Wookiee Warriors 75 – Tenacity
Rebel Commandos 60 – DH-447 -Sniper
AT-RT 55 – Flame Thrower

Flamers and Wookies and Han, Oh My

Going into the match against Chapilyn I was of course.. nervous. (See a trend)  He had an interesting list.  Two wookies, one with Bow Caster, one unit of Fleet Troopers, Han Solo and a flamer AT-RT.  And if that wasn’t enough, Chapilyn was the name of the principle through my high school years, nicknamed Chap Daddy. The painful memories of those puberty years flooded back to me every time I saw his name.

Chapilyn had a list very suited to close range engagement but not so much at a range.  I did not fear the rebel troopers lacking the Z6, and most of his ranged damage fell into range 2 or closer.  We ended up with the beautiful Bespin map, a map with a few buildings and LOS blocking walls, but an open fire lane down the middle of the map.  I felt good about the objective of sabotage the vaporators.  My strategy was to max out my two vaps and then to win on points by winning the ranged battle, or to get Boba’s bounty.

My first success was the placement of my first vaporator.   Chapilyn placed his first close to the short edge of the board.  My first objective was placed tucked up into a nook of a building, near center of the map. It left enough room to fit another vaporator between it and my deployment zone.  This made Chap daddy take a less than ideal placement for his second objective, being up next to a wall that provided no LOS blocking to the center of the board.  There won’t always be a spot on the board screaming, “place objective here”, but in this match there was.

Chapilyn placed most of his forces a little more conservatively, except for Leia and the wookies without the bowcaster.  I really liked the way he played the flanking Leia and wookie units.  They put pressure on me by hanging out on the other side of where my first vaporator was placed up against, and shooting through the windows.

My favorite play was making it so obvious that I was looking to use Boba’s rocket into the AT-RT that I baited out the Reckless Diversion and played push instead.  The snow troopers also got their points back by flaming Chap’s fleet troopers off the board.

Lessons taken away in this match is to get the vaporators sabotaged or repaired ASAP.  Also, check the buildings on the maps for windows or holes that Leia can get LOS through.  Obviously its easier to see the nooks and crannies on a physical table than simulation land.  I started this match with snipers caught out in the open for Leia’s one pip.  Yikes.  Mis-managing unit cohesion hurt me, as I left my flametrooper in a position where it was able to be picked off.

Chap was a tough opponent.   It was a good match that came to points in the end.  Keeping unit leaders alive put me ahead in points and I was able to play defensively, forcing Chap daddy to push into my forces.

Whoo!  Three games down…

and 2 more to cover.  Check back this weekend as I close this chapter on the Invader League season 2 elims.  Thanks for reading!

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